Have you ever considered running your own business as an alternative to working for someone else? Find out how a franchise can reduce risk, leverage your professional background and build wealth. Receive free guidance by franchise recruiting experts to select a franchise that is best for you!

Let us guide you down the path to freedom. Freedom to execute on decisions. Freedom to create an asset for yourself, not shareholders. Freedom to decide your level of income. Freedom to work where you want and when you want.

Corporate executives are a great fit for franchise ownership. We are seeing a trend in franchising as more executives have decided to employ their current skill sets in management, sales, marketing, operations and leadership, and put them to work for themselves.

Franchise Recruiting:
A Free Service for Executives

The FranVisor franchise recruiting process is similar to working with a corporate recruiter when looking for a job. One of our experienced franchise recruiters will guide you through the franchise search process, answering your questions and gaining an understanding of your personal and professional needs and goals as a prospective franchise owner.

Our executive franchise recruiting process involves four key steps:

Franchise Interview and Assessment

We start with a blank sheet of paper. Our franchise recruiters will gather information about you, including your background and goals, and help determine whether business ownership is a fit. Business ownership is not for everyone. This initial evaluation helps us quickly determine suitability for beginning life as an entrepreneur.

Franchise Business Model

Your franchise recruiter will schedule a confidential consultation to develop a personalized model for use in evaluating franchise opportunities. This will focus on pinpointing those attributes you feel are most important while giving you the highest chance of success in a given franchise.

Franchise Selection

Our company only works with the top franchise concepts across all industries, from brick-and-mortar to home-based and single-unit to master franchise. Your franchise recruiter will match you with three of the top franchises based on the franchise suitability model we have built off your interview and assessment.

Franchise Investigative Process

You have carefully evaluated yourself and we have built a business model that can be used in determining which franchise options are the best fit for you. We have drawn a picture of what your future looks like as a franchise owner, and you have a roadmap to help you achieve it. Now you are ready to investigate individual franchise opportunities and determine whether they fit into your plans.

Here our role switches from recruiter to coach. We coordinate conversations with the franchise companies and prepare you to ask questions of their representatives and franchise owners. We help you dig deep, ensuring that, when you ultimately begin your new business, you have a crystal clear vision of what you new life will look like.

An Executive Focus

There is no obligation or cost to you for our franchise recruiting services or the information we provide about franchise concepts. We are paid a recruiting fee by the franchise companies, which respect the high-caliber candidates we work with and the processes we follow. You pay exactly the same franchise fees with any franchise company, whether or not you work with FranVisor.

When you team up with FranVisor’s franchise recruiting services you are working with experienced industry professionals, many of whom have owned or currently own businesses themselves. We uniquely understand that business ownership can help achieve the ideal trifecta: a good income, a balanced lifestyle and the ability to build wealth.

By the end of our process you will be confident that you have done the necessary research to make the best franchise decision based on facts.


You have taken a vital step toward achieving your goals in franchise ownership. One of our Executive Franchise Recruiters will contact you soon to schedule an initial consultation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us 720-256-4292.

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